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We offer a cast range of CNC services to our customers from racing car parts, hydraulic components, special fasteners, turning tool products and many bespoke and prototype solutions.

For Turning we have

  • Tsugami Hepworth CNC with a 5C Collet and 6 Chuck
  • Yamazaki 1500 CNC with an 15 Chuck
  • Nakamura TM 4X CNC with a 5C Collet and 10 Chuck
  • Okuma LC20 CNC with an 10 Chuck
  • Capstan Lathe with collet system
  • Colchester Lathe

We can carry out bar work from 2mm to 90mm in diameter and turning work from 2mm to 500mm diameter and up to 1700mm in length.

For Milling we have

  • Gate turret milling D.T.O. machine
  • Mitsubishi horizontal milling machine centre (600mm x 600mm)
  • Manual horizontal milling machine (1000mm x 500mm)

For any other requirements, please contact us